Tuesday April 18, 2017

Titanfall 2's Next Free DLC Expansion Revealed

The keyword is "free" so I suppose you can’t complain if this turns out to be underwhelming, but Respawn has slated new Titanfall 2 content called "A Glitch in the Frontier" for April 25th. Included are two new maps (Glitch, Deck), a new faction (MRVN), and a game mode that was first introduced in the original: Marked for Death, where teams have to keep a designated target alive against the opposition. A blog post on the official site has revealed that plenty more content is coming, so they definitely haven’t forgotten about the franchise yet.

Today's reveal comes just hours after EA outlined its plans for Titanfall 2's next three months of updates. Coming soon is a new Titan, more executions, and more paid add-ons in the form of Prime Titans and cosmetic upgrades. In addition to all of this, Respawn confirmed that it has plans for more Titanfall 2 free trials; the most recent free trial weekend was held in March. In March, Respawn said Titanfall 2, which failed to meet EA's sales targets, is "healthy and growing." It remains to be seen if Respawn will make a third entry in the series.