Tuesday April 18, 2017

NASA Will Stream 360-Degree View of Atlas Rocket Launch

You may visit NASA’s YouTube channel today at 11:11AM ET for the first-ever 360-degree live rocket launch. Shooting off into space will be an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying 7,600 pounds of food, water, tools, and science experiments for the International Space Station. Making the video possible is four fisheye-lens cameras on the edges of the launchpad and a computer in a blast-proof box.

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For the first time, cameras will provide live 360-degree video of a rocket heading toward space. NASA will provide the 360 stream Tuesday as an unmanned Atlas rocket blasts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, with a capsule full of space station supplies. The stream will begin 10 minutes before the scheduled 11:11 a.m. liftoff and continue until the rocket is out of sight. The four fisheye-lens cameras are located at the periphery of the pad, about 300 feet (100 meters) from the rocket. A computer in a blast-proof box will stitch together the images for a full, in-the-round view. There will be about a minute lag time.