Tuesday April 18, 2017

DARPA Calls for Video Games to Train Military Strategists

DARPA is looking for brand-new video games that go beyond basic wargaming. Older titles have been pretty effective in helping soldiers develop generalized tactics for the battlefield, but with AI now more advanced than ever, the agency believes more sophisticated titles can be had to promote strategic thinking. One game franchise cited for inspiration is Civilization, which could play out how decisions are affected by myriad factors such as architecture and skill of combatants. I wonder how much the government will be charged for season passes and DLC.

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DARPA is looking for industry feedback on three main areas of video games: architecture, game construction and how games incorporate artificial intelligence, for example, to learn from old scenarios and create new ones, the RFI states. The agency is interested in games that represent the full range of military decision-making: big-picture strategy typically done by the president and his Cabinet, operational decisions made by top military leaders and tactical decisions made by troops in the field. DARPA suggests the "Civilization" video game series as an example of strategy-focused video games, while first-person shooter games represent tactical decision-making.