Monday April 17, 2017

These are Not the Zero Days You are Looking For

As chaos gripped the hallowed halls of various Security Operations Centers around the world, Microsoft stood like a defiant digital Gandalf. "You shall not pass!" they declared as they smashed the ground with the Staff of Patching, released a golden ring of light and sent their adversaries plummeting into the limitless pit below.

Was it really that dramatic? Absolutely. In a blog post published Friday night, Microsoft states that most of the vulnerabilities recently released by the infamous Shadow Brokers were already patched in supported products. In fact, if you are running Windows 7 or above you are not at risk at all. On the other hand, if you're still running Windows XP or Server 2003, digital Gandalf can't even save you.

News Image

You've been foiled again oh Balrog of computing chaos.