Monday April 17, 2017

Enthusiast Hardware Builders Go Enterprise

Many of us long-time PC hardware enthusiasts are well aware of that the core companies that were behind the first enthusiast PC motherboards, have spent a lot of resources over the past decade diversifying their businesses. This article over at DigiTimes, which short on data, does mention that GIGABYTE and ASRock are making profitable in-roads into the enterprise server market.

Because of weakening motherboard demand, Asustek Computer, Gigabyte Technology, Micro-Star International (MSI), ASRock and Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), which together contribute 90% of the worldwide motherboard shipments, have seen dropping sales in the past few years. But Gigabyte and ASRock have recently started seeing increased shipments for server motherboards and the growing volumes are expected to help the two firms achieve good profits in 2017.

The other two of the "big four" seem to be trucking along with other focus in mind.

The motherboard market's weakening demand only has a small impact on Asustek's overall results since the company is still seeing stable profits from its notebook and graphics card product lines. MSI is also seeing limited impact from the motherboard business thanks to its strong gaming notebook business.

A quick look at our the menu of manufacturers on our Motherboard Reviews page will give you an idea of just how compressed the motherboard builder market has become over the last two decades.

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