Monday April 17, 2017

AMD Ryzen 5 1500X at 4.2GHz

"Gnarly" Nathan Kirsch looks to have gotten his hand on a premiere example of a Ryzen 5 1500X processor. Or maybe not, maybe all those CPUs will all do 4.2GHz on the right motherboard? What is surely impressive is that he notes 100% system stability. I am not sure exactly if he did any stress tests or not, but he did run some full-core benchmarks, and I know that none of the Ryzen processors we have had our hands on would get close to doing that. In fact, out of the 10 or so we have purchased, none would keep a stable 4.1GHz with a full-core load.

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Despite failing to dethrone Intel we feel that the 4-core-8-thread Ryzen 5 1500X processor will still make AMD fans happy. If you are still running an older dual-core system and have been waiting for the Ryzen series to come out then you’ll see some big performance gains. The Ryzen 5 1500X processor gives you a very responsive system that loves multi-threaded applications and the 1080p gaming performance is good enough.