Sunday April 16, 2017

Your "Westworld" Sexbot Is Almost Here

Those of you who are in the market for a sexbot but don’t want it lying there like a dead fish as you do your business may be pleased to know that a company called Abyss Creations is testing an AI app called Harmony AI, which will let you inject some relatable personality into your companion. The software develops a profile of you based on questions and other interaction, much like a personal assistant, and the data can then be transferred to a robotic RealDoll head for a "next-level relationship." The technology could cost up to $10K, but that could be a great deal compared to alimony.

News Image

آ…this isn't just an AI set to talk about sex. Sure, she can do that too (obviously), but the ultimate goal of Harmony is to provide a next-level relationship, beyond what current RealDolls can. The AI will later be built into a robotic-head system that can be placed on a RealDoll. While her limbs won't be robotic yet, the enhanced RealDoll will be able to move her neck and shake her head, and will have full jaw movement/lip sync with the Harmony app, in addition to blinking, roving eyes and moving brows. The Harmony head will also be able to smile at you, or express disappointment, with a frown. You'll also be able to customize her face and makeup, much like you can with current RealDoll options.