Sunday April 16, 2017

Nintendo Hackers: $20,000 Bug Bounties Aren't Going to Stop Piracy

Nintendo recently announced "Hacker One," a bug bounty program that would pay big bucks to anyone who managed to crack the Switch and other hardware systems, but current players do not believe this will make a dent on piracy in any way. Console hackers claim that they are simply passionate about the challenge of breaking security, and how it’s really about fun and enjoyment instead of money. They note that Nintendo’s move has one obvious effect, though: hackers will now be even less likely to share their findings with others.

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"I don't think I'll ever participate under the current rules, as they require that the finder never disclose his or her findings publicly," said Rabet. "I feel like my work has more value published than not. That said, I respect what Nintendo is doing, and I typically do not release exploits using critical vulnerabilities until after they've been patched. In that sense, I wouldn't be opposed to entering the bounty if I could retain the right to do whatever I want with the vulnerability details after the fact. Currently, however, that doesn't seem possible."