Sunday April 16, 2017

Comcast Drops F-Bomb on Customer

Here comes another unhappy Comcast customer. This man was the proud recipient of a set-top box that wasn’t properly wiped clean and retained a colorful name: "F- Palace." That kind of thing would just make me giggle, but I guess he has a right to be pissed since it was his 10-year-old son who discovered it. Comcast has offered him a $25 voucher and two months of free cable service, but he is demanding the Regional security investigator explain to his kid what happened in a face-to-face.

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"Do you think it reasonable for Comcast to expose my child to that level of profanity in something as sacred and safe as my home?" he asks in response. "They violated my home environment." Other home environments have been violated in the past. In 2015, Comcast got a black eye when the company reportedly used offensive names on bills to customers. Ricardo Brown’s name was changed to "A-hole Brown," Julie Swano reported her bill was addressed to "Whore Julie Swano," and Mary Bauer’s bill came in addressed to "Super B- Bauer." Comcast apologized, saying it would follow up with each customer and "do whatever it takes to make things right."