Saturday April 15, 2017

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Detailed: "It's the Most Ambitious Game Ever"

Chris Roberts has posted an extensive production schedule report that details what is coming to Star Citizen, and when. The game’s massive 3.0 update, which is expected to bow in June, will include a brand-new gameplay system called "Planetary Tech," which will allow players to visit and explore any planet or moon. In before "It’s never coming out."

"No one has ever attempted to build a game as ambitious as Star Citizen and I doubt any publisher would have the patience or stamina that it requires to build something that breaks molds the way Star Citizen does," Roberts said. "3.0 with its Planetary Tech is a testimony to the power of Crowdfunding and an enthusiastic, empowered Community. Myself and the team and eternally thankful to be able to build Star Citizen the right way, being able to take the time to engineer things for the long term, a way that will allow the universe to flourish for years to come. Together we are making history."