Saturday April 15, 2017

Police Mistake Fallout Cosplay for Bomb

A Fallout cosplayer had to activate V.A.T.S. this week after a group of police drew their guns on him for wearing what they thought was a bomb on his back. Law enforcement later realized that he was just wearing a costume, and the "bomb" was actually a set of Pringles potato chips cans. Maybe he should have been arrested anyway for the crappy dress-up effort.

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Dressed as a character from Fallout, a popular post-apocalyptic video game series, the man walked down a street wearing a gas mask, helmet, armor, and bullet belt. He carried a flag that said "New California Republic" آ— one of the factions from the games. RCMP Cpl. Shawn Graham told CBC News that police received calls just before 5 p.m. Tuesday from citizens concerned the man was wearing what looked like a bomb on his back. At least eight officers responded with their long guns drawn.