Saturday April 15, 2017

Peter Moore Bids the Game Industry Farewell

Peter Moore is officially done with the game industry: the now-ex COO of Electronic Arts has taken a position at the Liverpool Football Club, which is pretty appropriate, considering he started off his career as a gym teacher and dabbled in sports shows. I kind of stopped following him after his Xbox days, but I still remember some of the crazy crap he pulled, like putting disgusting Halo 2 and GTA IV tattoos on his body. Moore was reportedly called an asshole for giving Shenmue away to Microsoft and discontinuing the Dreamcast.

Moore may have just been the "suit," but he was one of the most charming and friendliest executives you could ever meet in the games biz. Some journalists remember him fondly for being a "quote machine," but that's only because he spoke from the heart in the numerous interviews he did. While he always made sure to get the company's talking points across, he did so in a way that usually involved a nice dose of his own wit and unique industry perspective. will miss Moore, the industry icon, yes, but we will also miss Moore, the person -- a man who fittingly will now guide the soccer club from his own hometown. Best of luck, Peter!