Saturday April 15, 2017

After 17 Years, Mystery Science Theater 3000 Returns on Netflix

Last aired way back in August 1999, MST3K is back with its eleventh season on Netflix and an all-new crew that includes the likes of Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt. As expected, the show continues its comedic tradition of mocking B movies. Those of you with fond memories of the original can let me know whether they ruined another classic or not.

Oh, manآ—the riffs are so good. If you were at all concerned that the latest MST3K would sabotage itself with all kinds of cool-seeking modern-day references, have no fear: While there are a few nods to the web era (Twitter, photobombs, etc.), they’re now simply part of the show’s decades-spanning pop-culture continuumآ—a mix of the obscure and the over-familiar from TV, movies, and music that fuels every great MST3K joke-run. In Reptilicus alone, the gang invokes everything from Lil’ Abner to Prince’s "Starfish and Coffee" to Carvell Ice Cream commercials to Sailor Moon.