Thursday April 13, 2017

VR App Downloads Skyrocket in 2016

New data suggests that there is some serious demand for VR content: downloads of games and apps from the App Store and Google Play grew 276% YoY, totaling 226 million. These numbers will only continue to grow, as the future sees increased adoption of smartphone-powered VR headsets, more willing VR developers, and more marketing from VR vendors such as Google. Some think that we will even see a killer app this year that will truly put VR in the limelight, like what Pokأ©mon Go did for AR.

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As with traditional mobile apps, games represented the largest category of VR apps, at 56% of total downloads. That was followed by entertainment apps with 17%, and photo and video apps with 10%. Of note is the large volume of VR apps from the App Store, notwithstanding Apple’s lack of a headset. App Store downloads increased 727% in 2016, while Google Play downloads grew 424% YoY. Download growth will likely continue through 2017, Sensor Tower notes.