Thursday April 13, 2017

Uber Tracks Lyft Drivers with Hell's Help

Technical website "The Information" has published an article claiming that Uber is in league with the Lord of Darkness. Are you stunned? Neither am I. Through the use of spoofed rider accounts on the Lyft platform, Uber found that they were able to track the 8 closest Lyft drivers to the spoofed account. This program would from hence forth be named "Hell". What has Doom taught us about Hell ladies and gents? Doom taught us that Hell likes to spread. Once Uber realized what they had, they began to expand their operation by spamming fake Lyft riders in key areas. Since Lyft doesn't give their drivers dynamic tokens, Uber was able to learn driving habits and identify Lyft drivers who were also driving for Uber.This is also known as "double apping". With the "double appers" uncovered, Uber began to increase the number of riders being sent to those drivers and offer bonuses for giving a set number of rides per week. This was all done in an effort to get Lyft drivers working exclusively for Uber.

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Nothing like a bit of corporate espionage to get the Lawyers drooling.