Thursday April 13, 2017

Hulu’s Live TV Service to Cost $39.99 per Month

Forty bucks a month for content with ads that I can’t skip? Where do I sign up? To be fair, that cost would also include their original and on-demand content, but this still sounds pretty expensive, especially when you consider the fact that Hulu is musing an unlimited DVR option for an additional $20 a month. And on top of that, you would still need to pay an extra $4 to get rid of the commercials from their regular programming.

The pricing for Hulu’s live TV service, a competitor with cable television آ– as well as a host of other streaming TV services like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV NOW, and YouTube TV آ– will likely be $39.99 per month, with ads and access to Hulu’s on-demand library, according to sources with knowledge of Hulu’s plans. That’s in line with Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins’ previous statement that its new service would cost "under $40" per month. The live TV service will include access to Hulu’s on-demand content, Hulu Originals, live network broadcasts, and the broadcast networks’ on-demand content.