Thursday April 13, 2017

HTC Vive Now Shipping with Tweaked Base Stations, Redesigned Packaging

HTC isn’t hogging everything for the inevitable Vive 2, as they are continuing to make improvements to the current model. First was a 15% reduction to the headset’s weight, and now they have new Base Stations with an updated LED array that features 9 LEDs instead of 15. This may just be a cost-saving measure, but early tests suggest that range may have actually improved by an extra foot.

News Image

These are not the completely redesigned Base Stations that Valve said will begin shipping this year, but rather a subtle design change to the infrared LED array that’s essential to the operation of the SteamVR Tracking system. As far as we’ve seen, every consumer Vive has previously shipped with Base Stations that have a 15-LED array which you can spot if you look carefully through the black front of the unit. The newer tweaked Base Station has a more rigidly aligned 9-LED (3أ—3) array. Beyond this we haven’t spotted any other visual differences, though it’s possible there’s some internal differences that we wouldn’t find without cracking the case open.