Thursday April 13, 2017

Firefox "Performance" Tab Will Curb Its RAM Hunger

I always assumed that Firefox had some kind of underlying memory problem because of how sluggish it would get as it consumed more and more RAM, but now I’m not so sure what the actual issue is, since Chrome can hog even more memory but remain relatively speedy. Therefore, I’m skeptical whether these new "performance" options will actually do anything, although the support for more processes sounds somewhat promising.

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Right now, Firefox only supports two processes (for the core and content), but starting with version 55, it will support three or more, putting it on par with Chrome, Safari and others. With the performance settings, the developers will give you more granular control of those, so you can trade off speed for memory usage. "More content processes will make Firefox more responsive when using multiple tabs, but will also consume more memory," according to the proposed UX.