Thursday April 13, 2017

Dell’s Ultrasharp 30" 4K OLED Now on Sale for $3500

Dell’s fabled OLED monitor is finally being releasedآ—and for real, this time. While the display was reportedly canceled due to color drift, the UP3017Q is now available to order at $3500. That’s a significant discount from its original price of $4999.

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One of the biggest bits of news to come out of CES 2016, over a year ago, was Dell announcing a new beacon in OLED monitors: a 3840x2160 panel measuring 30-inch diagonal using an OLED display was set to come to market. When we reported on it back at CES, they stated a $4999 price point for March 31st. What happened over the next 12 months was interesting: some journalists doing ‘hands-on’ reviews at tech shows, but nothing coming to retail, followed by plenty of CES 2017 news that the display had been shelved due to image quality issues. Well roll around another quarter, and it seems that Dell is ready to sell it, and shipping for this $3499 beast is only 1-2 weeks away.