Tuesday April 11, 2017

Peter Molyneux: Kinect Was a "Disaster, Trainwreck"

The Fable creator has a reputation for spouting BS, but he may actually be right about this one. After all, Microsoft did drop the Kinect port from the Scorpio console, which would suggest that they have no more plans for the device. Molyneux claims that it didn’t live up to its promises on a technical level, but I think it failed just because gamers don't like to get up.

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"It was a trainwreck," he continued. "It started as this device which kind of could do everything itself. It didn't take up any processor power, the field of view could encompass the whole room. The audio on it, which no one really talks about, was originally supposed to be multi-sensing, it could sense where you were." Molyneux went on to note that what Kinect ultimately turned out to be fell very far short of that original vision. "It ended up being none of those things," he said, highlighting how you had to sit in a very limited region for it to work. "Its promise... was so enormous. In fact, it reminds me a little bit of VR at the moment," he added.