Tuesday April 11, 2017

The Importance of Pixel Density and Retinal Resolution for AR/VR Headsets

Anyone who has tried out AR or VR and has experienced the screen-door effect could probably tell you why density and resolution matters, but here is a piece that tries to be a wee bit more technical about the shortcomings of current headsets and what it would take to trick the eye into thinking it is seeing a real, live image. Thanks to Kyle for this one.

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While most of us are used to dealing with resolution figures that describe pixel count (i.e.: a 1920أ—1080 monitor), pixel density stated as pixels per degree is a much more useful figure, especially when dealing with AR and VR headsets. Achieving "Retinal resolution" is the ultimate goal for headsets, where at a certain pixel density, even people with perfect vision can’t discern any additional detail.