Tuesday April 11, 2017

British Man Charged after US Gamer Shot by SWAT Following Hoax Call

Swatting has reportedly become routine, but this is the first time a Briton has been charged for making a fake call to dupe law enforcement into taking someone out. SWAT ended up shooting an innocent gamer in the face and chest with rubber bullets after they received information he was going to kill three people unless he got $15K in cash. Thanks to cageymaru for this one.

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Robert McDaid, 21, from Coventry, faces multiple charges in the US after phoning a terrorism hotline to make threats while posing as another man, Tyran Dobbs. McDaid said he had a gun and explosives and would kill three people if he did not get $15k in cash, The Independent reports. The real Tyran Dobbs, a 20-year-old gamer from Maryland, was subsequently shot by US police who raided his home. Dobbs was hit in the face and chest with rubber bullets, fracturing his skull and bruising his lungs.