Tuesday April 11, 2017

BioWare Edmonton Revealing New IP at E3 2017

We are about to find out what the original Mass Effect team has been up to since pissing everyone off with the Catalyst. Those of you who are looking for another sci-fi adventure are in luck, as that is exactly what they hope to redeem themselves withآ—although there will be an MMO spin to it this time. The new franchise reportedly borrows from Destiny and The Division.

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آ…the BioWare Edmonton game is codenamed Dylan, though that may also be its final name. The name is related to the protagonist, but things get more interesting when Robertson starts talking about the nature of the project. "Dylan is, from what I understand, a sci-fi themed game, it is sort of Destiny-style, takes some elements from The Division, it has like MMO elements. Someone described it as a ‘semi-MMO’," he said, as reported by IBTimes. "I don’t know much more than thatآ… it is a huge scale project, perhaps the biggest BioWare has ever done. It’s bigger than Mass Effect Andromeda, considerably so. It will have co-op."