Monday April 10, 2017

AMD Acquires IP and Hires Developer of 60 GHz Wireless Chips for AR/VR

According to Patrick Moorhead, AMD is taking advantage of their new found revenue stream from the "Ryzen" CPU release and stock to acquire the IP of Austin, TX developer Nitero and subsequently hired the entire team. Nitero is one of the few companies in the world that has developed 60 GHz mmWave radio technology for wireless VR/AR applications such as a wireless headset. Valve is expected to adopt a form of this technology by 2018. Intel and Qualcomm are the only other companies that can create chips based on 60 GHz technology for VR. AMD isn't entering the HMD market, but this gives them a seat at the table for discussions involving wireless VR headsets.

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The wireless VR pipeline is increasingly dependent on the wireless chips on both ends and the GPU that does the processing. If AMD were able to more tightly integrate Nitero’s chips with their GPUs either in hardware or software, we could potentially see increased VR performance. That increased performance could translate to support for things like 4K per eye resolution or even higher resolutions like 16K which AMD has said in the past would bring photo-realistic VR.