Sunday April 09, 2017

Hyperloop One Is Considering 11 US Routes for Its Futuristic Transport System

Hyperloop One may turn out to be just another pipe dream, but there are some serious efforts underway to make it a reality. A public trial is on the agenda, and a couple of states have pitched themselves to be the perfect proving grounds for the speedy transport system. These would include Florida, whose Hyperloop would connect Orlando with Miami, and Nevada, whose track would bridge Reno and Las Vegas.

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Hyperloop One is seriously considering building its high-speed transit system in several states in the United States. The Los Angeles-based startup held a two-day event in Washington DC this week to showcase its "Vision in America." The event served two purposes: one, to evaluate 11 US route proposals for the high-speed transit system, and two, to meet with federal regulators in Washington about getting the system up-and-running.