Sunday April 09, 2017

Hacker Wakes Up Dallas with 156 Emergency Sirens

A hacker has managed to piss off the entire city of Dallas by hacking into its emergency sirens network and setting them off shortly after midnight. It wasn’t until 50 minutes later that the city’s response teams were able to fix the problem. The Director of Dallas' Office of Emergency Management suggests that finding the hacker would be like "finding a needle in a haystack," so I guess Dallas better stock up on ear plugs.

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Dallas officials blame computer hacking for setting off emergency sirens throughout the city early Saturday. Rocky Vaz, director of Dallas' Office of Emergency Management, said that all 156 of the city's sirens were activated more than a dozen times. Officials don't know who was responsible for the hacking, but Vaz said "with a good deal of confidence that this was someone outside our system" and in the Dallas area. The city has figured out how the emergency system was compromised and is working to prevent it from happening again, he said. It's a "very concerning" issue that Dallas has never faced.