Sunday April 09, 2017

$5,660 Mac Pro Crushed in Photoshop Test by $1,530 PC with AMD Ryzen

Who knew a trash can could be so overpriced? While we all know about the Apple Tax, it may be greater than anyone could have imagined. This guy found that a $1,530 Ryzen 1700 system running 8 cores at 3.0 GHz with 16GB RAM bested a Mac Pro with similar specs but 48 GB more of RAM by at least six seconds in a Photoshop test. Thanks for Zarathustra for this one.

Using a Photoshop Benchmark based on a Radial Blur action released by photographer Keith Simonian, Tech Guy found that an operation that takes the Mac Pro 15 seconds to complete only takes 8.8 seconds on the Ryzen-powered PC. He then overclocked the Ryzen PC to 3.5GHz and was able to complete the test in 7.7 seconds. "So overclocked Ryzen 1700 is more than double the performance of 8 core Mac Pro, which costs three times more," Tech Guy says. Apple apologized for its Mac Pro line this week and promised to release "something great" in 2018 for professional creatives.