Saturday April 08, 2017

Uber Must Leave Italy in 10 Days after Nationwide Ban

Uber will no longer be an option for Italians looking for a taxi alternative, as their courts have banned the service for competing against that very industry. The company says it is "shocked" by the decision and will appeal, but for now, it needs to get the heck out of Europe’s boot or face fines of over $10000 a day.

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A court in Rome has just banned the ride-hailing service in Italy for contributing to what it says is "unfair competition" faced by the local taxi industry. Uber must now stop promoting its services and cease all operations in the country within 10 days, unless it's willing to pay a $10,600 fine for each day it remains active after that grace period. While Uber's $70 billion valuation makes that amount sound like chump change, it hasn't exactly been profitable and actually bled billions in 2016.