Saturday April 08, 2017

Tech Companies Are Starting to Give Up on Degrees

The technology industry is reportedly putting less emphasis on four-year degrees when it comes to recruiting talent. Companies suggest that traditional hiring practices aren’t working well for increasing diversity, and that it makes more sense to hire based on skill rather than educational background. A coding bootcamp or similar skills program could, evidently, get you a nice gig at a company such as IBM.

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IBM’s head of talent organization, Sam Ladah, calls this sort of initiative a focus on "new-collar jobs." The idea, he says, is to look toward different applicant pools to find new talent. "We consider them based on their skills," he says, and don’t take into account their educational background. This includes applicants who didn’t get a four-year degree but have proven their technical knowledge in other ways. Some have technical certifications, and others have enrolled in other skills programs. "We’ve been very successful in hiring from [coding] bootcamps," says Ladah.