Saturday April 08, 2017

Japanese Scientists Want to Be First to Drill into the Earth's Mantle

The Japanese government is helping fund an expedition into our planet’s mantle to gather insight on its composition and whether microbial life exists within. Up for the challenge is the country’s deep-sea drilling vessel, Chikyu, the biggest and most capable ship of its kind. They claim that the mantle comprises yellow-green rock, but that can’t be right, since the 2003 documentary The Core revealed that the mantle actually consists of purple crystals.

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A group of Japanese scientists said they plan to be the first group to successfully drill into the Earth's mantle, the planet's vast molten-rock interior, which lies just beneath the outer crust. Researchers at Japan's Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) say they are hoping to discover more about how our planet was formed and what the mantle is composed of. Japanese media first reported on the project earlier this week. The mantle makes up more than 80% of the entire Earth's mass, lying six miles (10 kilometers) beneath the ocean floor.