Saturday April 08, 2017

How Playing on Wi-Fi Hurts Your Game

Here is a piece on how you’re doing it wrong if you’re gaming on Wi-Fi. I bet you already knew that, but the numbers may be interesting to some of you. I was just considering a Powerline adapter instead of running a cable through my attic, but I think I will just bear the trouble and stick with the latter.

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While hard to argue against the advantages of a direct wired connection, there are umpteen reasons why a connection other than Ethernet gets used. Drilling holes to run cablesآ—while temptingآ—may not be practical, especially in older, multilevel homes, or when renting. And let’s be honest, most of my friends don't even know which end of a drill to use, let alone how to pull cable. With advances in both Wi-Fi and Powerline networking, we decided to seek to answer if a wired connection was truly the best for gaming, and why. In addition, for those times that gaming could only be done on Wi-Fi or Powerline networking, which was the better choice with current gear.