Saturday April 08, 2017

GameStop Investigating Serious Breach Compromising Credit Card Info

GameStop is in a pickle, as payment card data originating from the site has been found on the black market. It is possible that their storefront was infected by malware, as the leaked information includes CVV2 codes, which are normally not stored in company databases. If you have bought anything on, you know what to do.

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آ… was likely compromised by intruders between mid-September 2016 and the first week of February 2017. Those same sources said the compromised data is thought to include customer card number, expiration date, name, address and card verification value (CVV2), usually a 3-digit security code printed on the backs of credit cards. Online merchants are not supposed to store CVV2 codes, but hackers can steal the codes by placing malicious software on a company’s e-commerce site, so that the data is copied and recorded by the intruders before it is encrypted and transmitted to be processed.