Friday April 07, 2017

Germany Approves Draft Law to Protect WiFi Operators From Piracy Liability

We saw one example earlier today of Germany's ability to craft boneheaded legislation. To prove that we are not filled with hate of the Germans, here is one that is quite the opposite. Germany has approved a draft law which explicitly protects open Wi-Fi network operators from liability in piracy charges.

My question is, if Wi-Fi providers aren't liable for what their users do online, why are social networks going to be fined آ€50 million for what their users do? It seems to me like the philosophies behind these ideas are at odds with one and other.

Now, if only U.S. copyright trolls would stop treating an IP address like a person.

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Due to a legal concept known as ‘Stأ¶rerhaftung’ (‘interferer liability’ ) , a third party who played no intentional part in someone else’s infringements can be held responsible for them. This type of liability has raised its head in a number of file-sharing cases where WiFi owners have been considered liable for other people’s piracy.