Thursday April 06, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.05 Goes Live

The first step in BioWare’s grand plan to fix Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available for all to download. One of the biggest differences Patch 1.05 brings is that characters no longer make you want to immediately hurl: tweaks to eyes, makeup, and lighting have resulted in faces that are at least mildly relatable, not one of a dead fish or the look you give when you realize you’ve been bought by EA. Unfortunately, ME: Andromeda is very much still an early-access title.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s 1.05 patch is live now, and fans are already noting the improvements and changes to the game. The increase in inventory space and new graphical options are welcome, but the change in how human and Asari eyes are rendered is surprisingly large. It may seem like a subtle thing, but the eyes have gone from looking like they were painted onto the character to having actual depth and expression. This doesn’t go all the way to fixing the visual shortcomings of the game, but it’s a large step towards having the characters look a little less creepy.

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