Thursday April 06, 2017

Comcast Jumps into Wireless with Xfinity Mobile

The cable and internet behemoth is crashing the mobile party with a new wireless phone service that will cost $65 a month. The caveat, however, is that it will only be available for Xfinity customers. A Comcast exec suggests that the service should take off due to customer loyalty, which makes plenty of sense: the company was rated "America’s Most Hated Company" this year.

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Comcast will offer its customers TV, home internet, home phone and wireless service under one umbrella. With companies like AT&T and Verizon offering TV packages over the internet that compete with cable, now Comcast is moving into their area, although that doesn't guarantee they'll have success. According to execs, one of the things that will define success is "customer loyalty," and how this can improve customer retention. On a call (still ongoing) this morning with investors, Comcast noted that there are already 130 million mobile lines within its footprint, and it wants a piece of that market.