Thursday April 06, 2017

AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Plan Benchmarked

Naughty Nathan Kirsch over at Legit Reviews has a great writeup posted on AMD's latest attempt to get Ryzen working better for all of us running its news CPUs. As you might know, Windows has built in power plans, and these do a bit more than you might think when it comes to how your PC works. This new AMD power plan package goes right to the heart of the matter in fixing the issue with parked cores on your Ryzen CPU.

News Image

Why does this matter? On Windows 7 the OS keeps all physical cores awake, and parks SMT cores. Those running Windows 10 will find that the OS keeps one physical and one logical core away (Core0+1), then parks the rest as often as possible. This difference alone is what’s responsible for the cases online where some sites and users have said Windows 7 was faster than Windows 10 with regards to gaming performance. It was not the scheduler as the community thought at first. It should also be noted that Intel fully disables core parking in their own custom Balanced power plan. So, the secret sauce with this new power plan is disabling core parking! AMD sent over the following benchmark results that they came up with internally and the results look pretty damn impressive as you can see in the table below.

And the numbers touted by AMD are very much impressive. They show gaming improvements all the way from 3% to 11%! But that is exactly what Legit Reviews is putting to the test. While Nate has not had a lot of time to test, it looks like things are looking up for Ryzen. Now however, this is if you run your system with the Balanced Power Plan. If you run in High Power Plan already, you should see no benefits.