Thursday April 06, 2017

Advanced Chinese Hacking Campaign Infiltrates IT Service Providers across the Globe

The Chinese appear to be ramping up their hacking efforts with this latest report that UK firms are getting hit by a group called APT10 and their "Cloud Hopper" campaign, which utilizes advanced phishing and customized malware to conduct espionage. The group has supposedly been around since 2009, whose career began with attacks on US defense and technology or telecommunications companies. Now they have moved on to targets that provide extensive quantities of customer data. Thanks to Crixus for this one.

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A Chinese hacking group with advanced cyber-espionage capabilities has been targeting managed IT services providers across the globe in a campaign to steal sensitive data. The cybercriminal gang is using sophisticated phishing attacks and customized malware in order to infect victims' machines and then gain access to IT providers and their customer networks. Dubbed Operation Cloud Hopper, the cyber-espionage campaign has been uncovered by security researchers at PwC, BAE Systems, and the UK's National Cyber Security Centre. The researchers say the campaign is "highly likely" to be the work of the China-based APT10 hacking group.