Wednesday April 05, 2017

The Netflix Offline Windows 10 Storage Folder is Revealed

Recently Netflix started allowing their customers to download shows to be played offline. This is particularly useful for long plane trips or to keep the kids quiet on a road trip. The savvy techs over at Into Windows have discovered where Netflix stores the downloads on Windows 10 for those shows that are playable offline. By navigating to the (Using "-" to not break our formatting.) C:\Users-UserName-AppData-Local-Packages-4DF9E0F8.Netflix_mcm4njqhnhss8-LocalState-offlineInfo-downloads location, you can view the files of the shows that have been stored on your PC. Of course you will have to replace UserName with your user name unique to your PC. It is virtually impossible to determine the identity of the shows as they aren't tagged with a recognizable name, but I suppose you can guess according to their size. There they are and you can move some of them out of the folder via drag and drop to make space on your PC if you are running low on C: drive.

News Image

I wonder what type of DRM is installed on the files as they will only play if in the correct folder and opened by the Netflix app. Also I was wondering if it was possible to xcopy and mklink them to another folder on another drive if your C: drive is full. I used to use SteamMover a lot to do that with Steam games.

Please bear in mind that Netflix app will not recognize or play contents if you rename or change the files. So, don’t try to rename downloaded Netflix contents. If you are wondering, you cannot change the default location where downloaded Netflix contents are saved on your PC (at least in the current version of the app). However, you can copy downloaded contents to another location or drive. When you want to watch TV shows or movies, copy them back to the original location. As said before, Netflix will not recognize contents if you rename or try to edit files.