Wednesday April 05, 2017

Kim Dotcom Announces new Bitcoin Venture for Content Uploaders to Earn Money

Some people just don't seem to know when to call it quits. Kim Dotcom, of MegaUpload fame has announced a system allowing users to sell uploaded content in exchange for bitcoins. While there seems to be no mention of endorsing piracy, it seems pretty clear how a system like this might be used to sell pirated content. Dotcom, however, insists that the end goal is for entire businesses such as news organizations to be able to earn money using this service.

All this comes while Dotcom is fighting extradition to the U.S. on criminal copyright charges relating to the raid on Megaupload.

"You can create a payment for any content that you put on the can share that with your customers, with the interest community and, boom, you are basically in business and can sell your content," Dotcom said in the video.