Wednesday April 05, 2017

Everything's Fine, says Cylance, as 'One in Five' Workers Given the Boot

Cylance, the provider of what is considered by many to currently be the most effective AV solution out there, has gone through a restructuring and laid off a fifth of their workforce. This while announcing unprecedented growth and a need to restructure to better focus on their growth areas. The layoff comes after the firm raised $100 million in new funding last June.

Cylance stands out as being a AV provider that uses machine learning in their attempt to fight infections. This approach has led them to not only perform very well in identifying early threats, but has also had a side effect of identifying a significant number of false positives.

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It sounds very impressive. And at Black Hat and other tech conferences, we have seen Cylance's booth drawing in the sysadmin and CISO crowd for cut-down demos of its technology (the full fat Cylance Unbelievable presentations to media last a bladder-challenging two hours plus). Potential customers are interested in the ability of the technology to offer a much smaller footprint and greater agility in defending against new threats compared with competitors such as Symantec and McAfee.