Tuesday April 04, 2017

The Yahoo Media Brand Is Not Changing Its Name to Oath

Many sites decided to be clever with their headlines yesterday, suggesting that the AOL and Yahoo! names would be going away. The truth is that they will be keeping their names: the "Oath" moniker is actually the name Verizon has chosen for the media company that will house those sites.

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On Monday, Business Insider reported a scoop: that after Verizon completes its acquisition of Yahoo, AOL and Yahoo "plan to call themselves by a new name" and that the new name is Oath. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, who oversees the media division that will include Yahoo after the acquisition closes, subsequently confirmed the Oath name with a tweet. But the headlines about this news have been extremely misleading. "Say goodbye to AOL and Yahoo," reads a headline at The Week. "Yahoo to be renamed Oath," says a headline at The Hollywood Reporter. Those are incorrect.