Tuesday April 04, 2017

No More Ransom Project Gets Bigger

Ransomware attacks have increased over 300% between 2015 and 2016 as it exploded into a billion dollar industry. Luckily, Europol is taking steps to reduce the flow of money to these groups. The No More Ransom Project is a joint effort between Europol and various AV Vendors with the goal of releasing decryption software to the masses. This will give end users the ability to decrypt ransomware infections on their own without paying out hundreds of dollars in bitcoin to get their data back. Europol released a progress report today stating that since December 2016, the projects decryption library has gained 15 new decryption tools and saved over 10,000 users from paying out to evil malwarians.

With over 39 decryption tools available you just might find yourself in luck if you are ever a victim of Ransomware. Personally, I believe that prevention is key. With phishing being the primary distribution method for infectious software, it may be pertinant to secure the human first rather than focusing on compliance.

You can check out the project's decryption tools here.