Tuesday April 04, 2017

Nintendo Switch Consoles Are Allegedly Warping When Docked for Too Long

The bad press for the Nintendo Switch continues: some users have just realized that their consoles are bending. What may be to blame is the increased amount of heat produced when the tablet is docked for long periods of time. Nintendo has agreed to repairs, but if you need a quicker fix, you can try driving your car over it.

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Some users are reporting warped Switch consoles after prolonged periods of docked play. [This] is apparently the sight of a Switch that has rarely left the comfort of its cradle. It’s been warped out of shape according to _NSR, who has spent around 50 hours playing it. "Luckily it hasn’t affected the way that it plays," they wrote in the thread. "The lack of disc drive is definitely a good thing here. "I’m wondering if it being docked is the problem though, most of my time has been on the dock, and it has to work harder to output to a larger screen."