Tuesday April 04, 2017

Netflix Offline Streaming Lands on Windows 10 PCs

Netflix’s offline feature is no longer exclusive to mobile devices. If you open your Windows 10 app now, you should be greeted to a splash screen that advertises the ability to download shows for offline viewing. I think they are still working the kinks out, though: hitting "find something to download" just takes me back to the homepage, and I’m getting errors on anything that is supposedly downloadable.

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When you open the app, Netflix will show you a large splash screen that advertises the new "download and go" capability. Unfortunately, if you click the Find me something to download button, the Netflix app doesn’t currently display a list of downloadable titles; you’ll have to hunt them down yourself. Netflix usually prioritizes its own shows first as downloadable options, though its entire catalog isn’t immediately available. Daredevil, Five Came Back, and Easy were among the Netflix shows that weren’t available for download, while The Angry Birds Movie, a general Hollywood release, was.