Tuesday April 04, 2017

It's Game Over for the Xbox One

Some are beginning to believe that it’s already over for Microsoft’s consoleآ—but is it really? This writer argues that PlayStation 4 has already "slaughtered" the Xbox One, selling twice as many units and having an impressive library with exclusives that the competition just cannot match. I think it is a little early to make such a bold claim, however, as we have yet to see what MS has up its sleeve with the Scorpio, details of which will be landing this week.

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Whatever the case, right now one thing is clear: In its current form, the Xbox One is dead. It's over. Franchises like Destiny and Call of Duty offer exclusive content to PlayStation 4 gamers now. In the latter's case, that's a major reversal from the Xbox 360 years. This means that the PlayStation 4 now has the lead not just in JRPGs and big, long-running Sony first party exclusives, but in mainstream shooters as well. My how the times have changed. This isn't a good thing. This isn't something we should want. Competition is incredibly important in an industry like video games. A more competitive Xbox brand is good for consumers because it ensures that Sony doesn't start to rest on its laurels.