Tuesday April 04, 2017

F.E.A.R.’s AI Is Still the Best in First-Person Shooters

It’s been years since I played F.E.A.R. so I’m not sure if this guy is right, but he claims that the enemies you encounter in this game are still some of the smartest ever. As described, the AI doesn’t actually sound all that radical: they’re merely smart enough to communicate with one another and flank you based on your cover. Has the last decade’s worth of FPS games really innovated so little in terms of enemy intelligence?

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آ…movement isn’t just random, either. Enemies are aggressive, and will actively hunt you down in packs. More than once I’ve died because an enemy simply ran over to my cover position and shot me mid-reload, before I even knew they were there. What’s most remarkable is the simplicity of the system behind the AI, as revealed by Jeff Orkin, senior engineer at Monolith productions, way back in a 2006 GDC presentation. The team had just one AI programmer, and so designed a ‘planning’-based system that lets the AI soldiers think for themselves.