Tuesday April 04, 2017

Customer Leaves Bad Review of Garage App, Gets Banned from Own Garage

A future is coming where bad reviews can lead to sabotage and denial of service for products bought and paid for. One guy had a very bad experience with a remote-control garage app dubbed "Garadget" and decided to let off a little steam by publishing a rant on Amazon. Unfortunately, the guys behind the app turned out to be just as hot-headed, disabling his device so he could no longer use it to operate his garage. I hear that the developers are working on a cooking-stove app next so they can burn your house down if you leave poor feedback. Thanks to TwiceOver for this one.

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After having problems with their "Garadget," an app that allows you to remotely control your garage door, they left a hasty one-star review on Amazon and posted criticism on the product's own forum. R. Martin doesn't mince his or her words. But the manufacturer didn't take kindly to this and replied scornfully on the product forum, calling out the customer for "abusive language" and having "poor impulse control." The manufacturer, who replied under the name Garadget, then said that the customer's unit would "be denied a server connection." What this means is that the manufacturer was able to identify the buyer and remotely disable their device آ– in this case, their own garage door.