Tuesday April 04, 2017

Blizzard Beats "Cheat" Maker, Wins $8.5 Million Copyright Damages

Companies that create cheats, hacks, and bots should probably think twice before marketing or selling their products in the US now, as Blizzard has just defeated "Bossland," one of the frontrunners in this area. Blizzard is getting close to $9 million for all of the effort and money they have spent trying to combat hacks that ruin the gaming experience for legitimate players.

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The court agreed that hacks developed by Bossland effectively bypassed Blizzard’s cheat protection technology "Warden," violating the DMCA. By reverse engineering the games and allowing users to play modified versions, Bossland infringed Blizzard’s copyrights and allowed its users to do the same. "Bossland materially contributes to infringement by creating the Bossland Hacks, making the Bossland Hacks available to the public, instructing users how to install and operate the Bossland Hacks, and enabling users to use the software to create derivative works," the court’s order reads.