Sunday April 02, 2017

Verizon Insists It Isn't Going to Install Spyware on Its Android Phones

Verizon is currently in "damage control mode" after a report of the communications giant planning to install spyware on its users’ Android devices surfaced. The software, dubbed "AppFlash," would collect information that includes location data, contact information, and programs used for the purpose of targeted advertising. Verizon claims that the software is only being tested for one particular LG device and that users would still have to opt-in before any data is taken and sold.

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A few days ago, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) published a report that Verizon plans to install highly-invasive spyware on its subscribers’ Android phones. Since then, Verizon has insisted that the "AppFlash" software is only a test run and has only been installed on one type of Android device. The original report identified AppFlash as a piece of spyware that tracks what apps a subscriber installs. It reportedly would allow the telecom giant to "sell ads to you across the Internet based on things like which bank you use and whether you’ve downloaded a fertility app."