Sunday April 02, 2017

"Super" Wi-Fi May Finally Be Coming Your Way

If you live in the countryside, you may soon be getting the privilege of trying out Super Wi-Fi. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, this variant uses the TV band, which means it can travel longer distances and easily go past walls or other obstacles. City dwellers are probably out of luck, though, as such areas are swamped with television signalsآ—introducing Super Wi-Fi to these environments would likely interfere with broadcasts.

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What gives Super Wi-Fi such great potential is that it’s transmitted over the same portion of the airwaves that are used by television broadcasters. Compared to regular Wi-Fi or even most cellular transmissions, signals sent in the TV band can travel much longer distances. They can go through walls, trees and other barriers that can thwart other types of signals. And because the spectrum is regulated and largely reserved for television signals, Super Wi-Fi transmissions don’t have to contend with interference from random devices like microwaves or cordless phones, as do signals in other wireless bands.